Reflecting on the Group Website

Towards the start of the project I set up a website and content pages for the group. I said I would be happy to upload the content and organise it, as long as it would be sent to me by each of our agreed deadlines, with the text in word documents, already spell check and edited, and with images attached to an email. As weeks progressed and deadlines continued to be missed, I made it clear that I would not still be able to update and upload all the content on the site myself. It didn't occur to me until the day before our hand-in, when content was being uploaded to the site by each of us individually, that content would be "thrown up" without a care or thought. Things like introducing content on the site "Here is a layout sketch" or narrating the journey: and then we did this"... At this stage in the process I feel exasperated with this module and now that we are functioning better as a group I'm reluctant to go back and again ask for more. It feels as though our group has all checked out of this project and want (or need) to move on and put it behind us.

My understanding is that this website should to be a professional site for our company and as such should be well organised and represent our design studio aesthetically and in tone of voice. I had expected that it might be necessary to tweak the website visually in places, for example, realigning text or images, but I didn't expect there to be a problem with the written content. In hindsight, this might have been avoided if I had explained that we needed to ensure the has a single tone of voice and that it should be written in a professional tone. I'm unsure if this is something I understand from being employed to do this, or from working on my own websites or if it was explained to us in one of the lectures about the module. Either way, I assumed this would be common practice, but maybe I have the wrong end of the stick. Again I find myself in a situation where I either accept the content the way it is, or spend time amending it myself. I sent a quick message in our group chat to say why I think the content would be better if it was updated slightly and have given an example. I will do any quick amends if I have time but will not shoulder the responsibility to change it all myself. 


I would have liked to retype the website copy so it sounds a little more cohesive and as though one person/company wrote it, but also to make it read more like a company site. For example I would change the above section to read more like the following:

Layout Plans for the DOYYEC
The proposed layout for the DOYYEC uses a combination of Orangebox furniture and custom designed pods to create zones spaces tailored to different business types. Designed based on feedback from both the Enterprise team and companies using the DOYYEC, the space features a small pod for one-to-one meetings and a larger pod for group meetings, presentations and collaborations.

I don't feel particularly proud of our website, nor would I want use it as an example of my ability in any way shape or form. This really saddens me, especially as the whole module and process has been tiresome and overly time-consuming, it feels more than disappointing to have nothing (I would want) to show for it.