Reflections on the Module and Brief

I struggle to pinpoint what I have gained from this module. It feels like it took away more than it gave. My honest reflection on the brief is that is would be better placed in the Degree course where the assumed opportunities of work experience, winning a competition and working with people might be more appealing. I'm opposed to speculative work company competition that exploits designers, giving them access to designs and insights without paying for the masses of talent that gets put before them. Or the old line of "it will be great experience" or " great exposure". This Orangebox brief felt a little too close to this way of working for my liking. I can see the benefit to the University and I can see the benefit to Orangebox but I am not convinced of the benefit to the students.

It was difficult for each of us to find a purpose or role because, aside from Graphic Design, there were not any obvious jobs for each of us to do. Our Photographer could (and did) take photographs of spaces and furniture which looked great and made the presentation look better than it would have. These photography skills were not something that served as a tool for helping us fulfil Orangebox's brief of designing a space but his perspective of how lighting could be controlled added an element of research which most likely wouldn't have been considered without him. Our fashion student struggled to find an area of interest or any link between her specialism and the brief. Not, knowing her subject well, the only suggestion I could offer was that her eye for design in general, patterns, shapes and fabrics could be something that she will pick up on more than the rest of us. I do feel it was possible to get more stuck in and enthusiastic about the task. I would have preferred if the reservations and disappointments about the job in hand could have been accepted at the start and a decision to give it 100% agreed by all, but this was not the case. I think that some of the other groups doing the same brief showed it could be done. 

I realise my reflections and account of this module are very frank and quite negative but this was not reflected in my communication and or interactions with the group. This is partly why this blog is so honest. I had to be helpful and patient, when I often didn't have much patience left, this is where I can speak without offending or upsetting anyone. As we came to the final weeks, we had become a lot more familiar with each other and able to speak quite openly and had begun working well together.