Motivation: Live Brief

It is hard to stay motivated when it feels you are the only person willing to spend time on the project. I completely understand and agree with the general group feeling that the brief could have been far more relevant (at first glance seemed to be) and the goal of teaching us or giving us experience in the commercial and or entrepreneurial manner could have been achieved more effectively another way. This is something that none of us can change, so our options are to make the best of a less than ideal situation or… I don’t have an alternative.

Finding a way to connect with the brief/project as group was the first issue I hoped we could work around. When discussing the 3 types of spaces Orangebox are interested in seeing ideas for, we discussed the postgraduate suite and the Duke of York Young Entrepreneurs Centre (DOYYEC) where three members of the group (one photographer and two designers) worked during an Enterprise Placement Year. I thought working on a space that is nearby, quite large and that some of us have used personally, would help to make the project more relevant and engaging. I also knew that the Enterprise team were also conscious that space doesn’t function particularly well for creatives and suggested we try to make this a live brief. I thought this might help to keep us focused since we would need to work within the boundaries of what the businesses within the DOYYEC and the Enterprise team need, as well as what is achievable in the physical space. This seemed to give us a solid foundation to work from and we had a some positive talks about what we might like to change or add.