Final Presentation

Much improved, felt like more of a group effort

No practice run but it felt ok.

Happy with feedback about improvement of slides. How it could have been better

Following feedback about the amount of text on our slides the first time around, I recreated the template in Powerpoint, increasing the font sizes on the page and setting up 4 example slides for the different types of content that we have, for example quotes, text and image, image only...

In the first presentation we did have a lot of text which was read from the screen. In honesty, the presentation would not have gone as smoothly as it did otherwise. However for our final presentation it was important to improve the slides based on the feedback we received. A benefit to using Powerpoint was supposed to be the ability to see our notes on during the presentation and also that we could use a clicker to move from slide to slide without needing to ask or gesture to someone to keep pressing "next" for us. Unfortunately this didn't work on the day but we managed to workaround it by each clicking the butter to move on after we finished talking. 

After telling my group-mates that I was not prepared to pull everything together myself, if the presentation or any other part of the project was not completed, we agreed on what tasks we would complete and this was mostly done. I did have to reset some of the headings but as a whole this worked well.