I created a survey which was sent to past and current EPY students along with anyone in the Enterprise team's database of businesses linked to the DOYYEC. I thought it was important for the survey to be anonymous so people can respond honestly. As an Enterprise Placement Year (EPY) student, you are required to spend a minimum amount of hours in the DOYYEC. It might have been helpful if I had asked about this in the survey, in an attempt to learn whether or not people would come in to work in the DOYYEC if this was not mandatory. My goal was to keep the survey are short and straight forward as possible. It was also important to ignore what I already thought I knew about the needs of businesses occupying the space and instead carry out research to learn and observe. 

During one of the BBC workshops about conducting research one of the presenters told us about a the importance of not only taking onboard what participants say, but also what they do and how they interact and engage with things. The example she gave was a lady testing an app and it's functions. During the observations and testing the lady was adamant that she doesn't ever swipe to the bottom of pages. In actual fact the those observing her watch her swipe to the bottom of each page. This came to mind when I looked at the results of the survey and noticed the lack of responses from businesses in the creative sector and in trying to find creatives in the DOYYEC to speak to. They were never there. This in itself could be a convincing argument for the need to improve the space to make it more appealing for this sector. However without hearing this from people, it remains an assumption. It could also be down to the fact that creatives like to work in their own comfort zone, and even with the amenities imaginable in place, perhaps it still will not be enticing enough. I wanted to find more conclusive evidence to support our theory that Enterprise centre needed to be remodelled and nail down what exactly that should entail.


Analysing the Results

I pulled out a few key issues to focus on as we move forward in looking at how to redesign the available space. 

The following responses are all from different users/businesses who use the DOYYEC space.

What would you like to improve in the DOYYEC if you could (there are no limitations, no budgets...)?

Ability to have open yet closed off office space per company

The whole atmosphere of the DOYYEC is isolationist

The whole kitchen/ reception area is so small and unwelcoming I can barely swing a cat, never mind welcome a client or try and open a conversation in

More Mac Computers!!

A lockable storage cupboard for everyone

I have to carry all my work too and from the DOYYEC each working day, its not convenient

An option of different workspaces, like larger desks for designer makers who need to put packs together but have a computer in the way

Storage facilities, studio space rather than desks for designer makers.

Better sound proofing for the pods, I can't hear all the time, but sometimes I can hear people in there.

Modular desk facilities & privacy dividers.

In order to carry out your work, what do you need in the DOYYEC (equipment, tools, types of space...)?

Private area for calls

MAC, Phone, private area for calls, collective area for group meetings, wall space for ideas generation.

Lockable draws are a necessity

A large table for working on projects

Just my laptop, a printer and myself

Conference Room with projector and laptop plugin.

Anything missing:

Small cabinet for storing office document

Creative team spaces, the current space is a little small

Larger desks for working on


These answers provided some insight, however the people who have engaged with the survey and who were present to speak to on visits to the DOYYEC, are people who as a whole, are already being catered to. They have the most of what they need in order to carry out a days work in the DOYYEC already. Desks, internet, computers... The people who are not showing up and engaging are the creatives, those businesses who are in higher number than