First Thoughts on the Module & Brief

One of the main driving forces and reason’s I wanted to do an MA was to have the chance to hone my personal practice, find my design groove, position and commercial identity. I wanted to keep up the momentum created during my Enterprise Placement Year.  Selecting the commercial brief as a first choice option seemed like a no-brainer and I was cautiously optimist in the possibility of a fun challenge.

I didn’t come to a Ma level course to gain work experience or an insight into the importance of working with others. I work collectively on work projects outside of university with one person who is in Slovenia and the other who is in America. This poses challenges in communication, time zones, staying on the same page and being motivated but we make it work. The point being, I don't feel this is a gap I need to fill at this stage. I was saddened and quite nervous at the prospect of spending this chunk of time focused on a project offering little correlation to my FMP, chosen specialism or interests. The small glimmer of hope I held on to was the opportunity to get to know a local business, who’s furniture, patterned chairs, in particular, I really liked. As always, I try to think if there is any circumstance that this company might be a useful contact or connection in my current projects or maybe in the future.

After speaking with the team at the Huddersfield Orangebox office, I found some interest in the fabrics they use, the criteria they have for it and the manufacturers they use. I was disappointed to learn that the surface pattern designs are not designed by Orange box but are instead purchased by other manufacturers. On the other hand, I banked this information and made a mental note to try and find out where they source their designs and see if there are particular shows or design studios they purchase from as this could be helpful for me next term and good to know for my FMP.

I considered searching for a link between biophilic design and patterns as a way of trying to find a link to my interests so I can get more excited about the research and project. However this felt a lot like putting the cart before the horse, as we needed to first decide on what type of space we would design/redesign and identify what problem we were solving. I didn’t want to get stuck on the idea of creating pretty patterns and looking a furnishings and fabrics just to please myself, without their being an identified need first.