Why I love to hate Graphic Design

I have a love hate relationship with Graphic Design. I have a degree in the subject but my focus has never purely been on graphic design or the key principles and rules involved. My passion lies in surface pattern design and illustration. Where graphic design aims to solve a design problem, I like to make things look appealing through colour, pattern and feeling. Graphic design theory and principals underpin the work I do in other areas and gives me a solid foundation to build on. I don't consider myself a Graphic Designer but I do know how to be one. When I receive files that are poorly laid out and or use unsuitable fonts or font sizes, I realise that I do know graphic design and I feel a need to try and fix it. Our group for this project consists of 3 graphic designers, a photographer (now studying Digital Media) and a fashion student. The designers amongst us were taught the importance of layout and typography, we are also being strongly encouraged to work with a grid and are told that we need to work in Indesign for presentations. Knowing that two people in our group may not know how to use this program, with three of us who do, it should not have been a problem. I created a template for our presentation with guides, fonts and examples in place. This was accompanied by instructions on how to use the template. We were all supposed to put our research into slides so that they could be collated and put in the correct order for our pitch. For the two who don't use Indesign I saved the below jpg files to use as guides to line up text in Powerpoint which would be copy and pasted into the main document later.

Getting content or files became a chore to say the least and what was sent was shoddy. I don't know if this was because they were rushed, lack of skill, because they didn't care or because they knew I would fix it. This is why I "hate" Graphic Design. Once you know about it, you cannot ignore it. It's as though learning about Graphic Design give you a new pair of glasses or a special prescription.

This poster comes to mind:

Created by  Shahir Zag

Created by Shahir Zag