Organisation and sharing in our Group

Following a group video between members of Penagon, it became apparent that we needed a more efficient way to gather and share information between us. I have used Trello before to communicate with people overseas and arrange a trade show, so I suggested we give it a try. 

I created virtual boards for the main areas where we can focus our design, to begin with, along with a deadlines board. To make it easier to navigate, I've designed some covers for each board and used this as a way to play around with logo and branding ideas for the website, looking ways to use a pentagon shape in a more interesting way.


I have become the group coordinator, arranging meetings, mini-deadlines and sending reminders. This week, we are each looking for reports and insights which can aid us in making initial decisions about what we might want to consider or include in our designs. The deadline I have given for submitting this Monday next week.

For our website, we also need to publish our group thought on the brief. Gemma will collate our individual opinions and type them as a general group conclusion.