Frustrations with Gaining Insights

I  had a hard time gaining the promised information we needed from the Enterprise team as a basis of our investigations and proposals. 

Going into this "Live Brief", designing specifically for the DOYYEC, we were aware that the main group of people who needed the most drastic changes implementing were creatives. We also knew that the majority of businesses associated with the enterprise team are creatives and designer makers. Given the level of enthusiasm that was expressed when we asked permission to work at trying to improve the space, the knowledge by all concerned that this project was also a graded aspect of our group's MA work, I was a little disappointed that it became difficult to get any useful information from the team. 

Going into the first pitch at Orange Box's showroom, we still had not received an indication as to the types of businesses using/with access to the DOYYEC, a point that was picked up on at the end of our pitch. We were told to really focus on finding out who uses the space and what they need. Following the first pitch, I again tried to get information about the split of businesses and enquired about trying to get in touch with some EPY businesses from the creative sector since we are lacking in insights in this area. Though I can appreciate this task does not take priority for the Enterprise Team, it was frustrating to receive unhelpful responses which didn't attempt to offer any alternative solutions. None the less I responded politely and remained professional.