First Look! Surface Pattern Designs for License

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Take Note - New Notebooks now online :)

I must admit, I am a bit of a notebook hoarder! I like to be surrounded by beautiful things to look at and I expect functional items to be just as pretty as anything else. I find a pretty collection of sketchbooks, boxes and folders in my work space cheers things up and keeps me inspired, so that's how I justify my insane (and very pretty) mad of stationery!

I created this capsule collection of notebooks with this in mind. A portable slice of lushness to carry around and transport your ideas and thoughts within.

One of my key brand goals is to create patterns and designs which give people the same uplifting feeling I get when I'm surrounded by lovely things. Hence my tag line, Happy Surface Design :)

Flutter By Butterfly Pillow

One of my favourite things to do is mockup products using my surface patterns to see what they would look like "in the flesh" so to speak! It gives me the chance to check the scale and balance of my design and also give clients a good ideas of how the end product could look.

Here's my Flutter By Butterflies print from my Full Bloom Collection, in cushion form :)


If you love this pattern design, it's available on my new collection of notebooks and greeting cards too!

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