Eating Fear For Breakfast!


Twice this week, I've jumped in and done something that scares me! The first was present to a lecture hall full of university students and the second was last night taking part in a Periscope live broadcasting marathon. 

The thing is, I didn't have to, I could have found an excuse or decided pull out, but hey, where's the fun in that!? 

The Pass The Pencil event ran smoothly enough and it was great to connect with some wonderful creatives both new and familiar. 

"Katch" the Replay

If you would like to grab a cupper and watch the replay it's available on along with my other broadcasts. Periscope is still pretty new to me and I must admit I'm not yet 100% comfortable scoping live, but I'm determined to keep showing up and trying to improve each time until I find my groove. Please feel free to follow me (for a giggle if nothing else) and I'll keep sharing my working process, any tips and tricks I come across on my travels.  

I heard a great quote today: 

"Fear shouldn't paralyze you, it should make you move"

This is now my new motto and I hope to keep pushing myself to do more scopes, teach, learn and continue moving forward in any way I can.