All of a sudden SURTEX 2016 was upon us and it was time to "set up shop" but first, the little matter of collecting our banners and collatoral from FedEx 😂

This year I went for 2 small soft cover portfolio books, they were easy to handle and flick through, and have two came in handy with a booth our size. My Dot & Flow colleagues opted for blurb large square and large landscape hardcover books. There was no shortage of eye candy in our booth, that's for sure!


Butterfly Flutter Pattern Tweaking

I've been working on a collection of prints for a fabric manufacturer the last few weeks and though I can't share how the designs turned out just yet, I thought I'd let you take a sneak peek a little look at my work in progress. Here I am tweaking a butterfly repeat pattern.

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Until next time :)

One Month & Counting til my Surtex Voyage!

This time next month, I will be jetting off to join a group of amazing artists and designers to take part in a Trade Show, Surtex and boy, am I excited! The last time I was in New York I attended a similar show, Printsource and it was a turning point in my career. This will be my first time at Surtex, so I'm a little nervous of the unknown, but I'm sure it will be an equally wonderful experience. Here is my press pack, a little taster of the work I'll be taking to the show.  

In preparation for exhibiting at the show, I have been designing new surface patterns so I'm going with my new and exclusive work! As the countdown begins, my to do list continues to grow. I'm working on little goodies and takeaways for guests, printing, oh and I can't forget my sightseeing list too!

Here I am freezing on Brooklyn Bridge. Fingers crossed I'll get some nice weather this time round :)

First Look! Surface Pattern Designs for License

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Natalie Williamson Designs on The

Drum Roll please... The is all set to open its virtual doors today at 2pm EST 6pm GMT and I cannot wait! 


This exciting new site is a place for Art Licensors and Art Licensees to connect in a safe and secure environment, ensuring that fantastically designed products make it to the shelves. 

Join in the festivities and find out more on the ArtLicensingShow Red carpet here


I'm also getting the honor of networking with other wonderfully creative designers, which I adore! Art Directors and Agents get to browse great art without the hefty airline and travel expenses, all day everyday - what's not to love?