Let's Get Down to Business: 2016 Goals Planner Free Download

There's no better way to start the New Year than with a clear focus for your business and your hopes and dreams, and more importantly PLANS to make these dreams a reality! I'm not a fan of the term New Years Resolutions, there's that unspoken rule that you can let your resolutions slip a few weeks or months into the year and a bit of an "ah well you gave it a shot" attitude. Nope, not for me, not for my business. I have every intention of seeing this thing through and I'm sure you do too! 

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Click the image to enter your email address and receive your free download

Time to Dream

I do think the buzz, motivation and excitement of entering a new year is definitely a great opportunity to take stock and get planning for the year ahead. Allowing yourself to both be wildly ambitious and meticulously oranised. Dream big and then work back to find the steps to get you there. 

The first (productive) thing I did today was to complete this 2016 Goals List, noting down a few key things I plan on improving, trying out and learning as well as things I should really try and cut out! I've taken a photo on my iPad so it will always be to hand and I'll also be pinning one up by my desk. 

I'd love to hear what your goals and plans are, perhaps we could help each other stay on track!  I'm in the throes of preparing to exhibit at Surtex 2016 with Dot & Flow Design. I'm super excited to get back out to NYC and showcase my work again. I recommend popping over to Dot & Flow's site for a peek at what's to come and if you're a fellow designer wanting to send your designs to Surtex have a look at the portfolio package.

Let's do this 2016!