Greenhouse Garden Illustrated Design

This birdcage cushion design was created in response to a brief made up of elements of a trend board called Greenhouse. The inspiration for the trend was bird, birdcages, butterflies and insects with old scriptures featuring heavily throughout the visual examples.

After nailing down my green hues colour palette, I set about playing with textures and icons. Avenues explored where flowers, feathers, garden birds, birdcages, grass and leaves.

One element I was sure I would include was a hand script. Across the Road fit the bill nicely. It's free for personal use and can be downloaded from (commercial licence available). This typeface flows nicely and has beautiful capital letters and strike-throughs. 

During my sketching process I played around with various composition ideas for the final layout and settled on a faded central birdcage with birds, framed by filigree or ornamental foliage.

Layering was key to adding depth to the image and I contrasted the opacity and ability to see through several layers at once with solid blocks of detail to emphasise the arrangement and make the birds stand out more obviously as being in the foreground.