Getting Ready for Blueprint

At the moment I am beavering away, trying to get ready for Dot & Flow's first time exhibiting at Blueprint (a surface design and print trade show) taking place this May! After two consecutive years of doing Surtex, it's a little nerve-wracking to change to another show, but having done my research and weighing up the pros and cons, it feels like the right move to make. Only time will tell!

Here's a little teaser of what we'll be bringing to the Big Apple in just a few short weeks :) 

The show will take place just a block away from the Javits centre (where Surtex takes place) at 404 and the space looks great inside. I'm thrilled to see who are booth neighbours are and can't wait to meet some people I have either been following and or interacting with in the design community online, as well as some old design friends. 

Map of where to find Blueprint by Andrea Turk Cinnamon Joe Studio

Map of where to find Blueprint by Andrea Turk Cinnamon Joe Studio

See you on the other side! 

National Lipstick Day💋

It's National Lipstick Day so I thought I would take the opportunity to work up a fun lippy inspired repeat pattern - why not right?  

These lush lips and street Lipstick were originally designed as part of a beauty set of icons I recently designed for a device case company. They turned out so fun I wanted to give them a new lease of life, et voila! 😬

Have a lovely day! Mwah 💋

Periscope Now Saves your Scopes Forever


Yesterday I noticed a welcomed change to Periscope, your video streams are now automatically saved so they are available for viewers to watch again and again. Before this update, users' scopes were deleted after 24-hours. There was (and continues to be) the option to save your broadcasted videos to your phone, which could then of course be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, however, this posed a problem if phone storage space is low. 

With the recent and sudden departure of the handy site Katch, an automated service that saved your broadcasts and also tweeted about them and even allowed you to download, share or embed the videos down the line, this new option directly within Periscope will be welcomed by many. 

Go to setting to make changes to your video preferences

Go to setting to make changes to your video preferences


Reasons NOT to save your videos! 

1- One great aspect of the short 24-hour viewing window was the sense of urgency created, which often encourages viewers to either jump into broadcasts while they are live or make a real effort to watch them before they are removed forever.  

Consider keeping special broadcasts or promotional/ interactive scopes set to the 24-hour removal set up to create a buzz. 

2- Monitor your engagement and views after you make the switch. If you find fewer people are showing up to your broadcasts or catching replays, perhaps you should return to the old model.

3- As with everything you put out into the world take time every now and then to step and reassess. Does all the content you have available still represent you and your current goals? If the answer is no, go back and clean up your account so you have only your very best content on show. 

Happy Scoping! Be sure to catch me on Periscope under @natwillsdesign 😀 




All of a sudden SURTEX 2016 was upon us and it was time to "set up shop" but first, the little matter of collecting our banners and collatoral from FedEx 😂

This year I went for 2 small soft cover portfolio books, they were easy to handle and flick through, and have two came in handy with a booth our size. My Dot & Flow colleagues opted for blurb large square and large landscape hardcover books. There was no shortage of eye candy in our booth, that's for sure!


Viva La Frida! A Blooming Vibrant Portrait

Here’s a little sneak peek at me creating a new portrait design in my sketchbook. I decided to paint Frida Kahlo as part of my tropical collection. This will be part of a series of portraits featuring my favourite painters, each accompanied by a coordinating pattern. I think these will make a really cool stationery collection for designers and art lovers like myself.

I began by sketching a loose portrait and placement for the giant balloons. Followed by inking the main border and Frida herself. I decided to sketch a little more detail in the background before using acrylic inks to paint in the flora and fauna.

© Natalie Williamson

© Natalie Williamson

That’s all for now, I have to get back to my Surtex preparations, NOT LONG TO GO NOW! If you don’t know already (I don’t know how - I do keep mentioning it), I will be exhibiting this May and you can find me in booth 244. It would be lovely to see you :)

Day 13 of #100DaysofInk

Today is day 13 of my #100daysofink challenge and I decided to have a little fun with a circus theme. I'm planning on turing these illustrations into a fun and colourful surface pattern collection with the apparel/fabrics and paper markets in mind 🎪

Fly With Me Butterfly Design WIP

Here is a little behind the scenes look at me editing a design from my sketchbook in Adobe Photoshop. I mostly work in Illustrator but as I already added colour and was quite happy with the overall layout and motifs I opted for PS so I could preserve all the lovely painterly details.  

So I took the design from here:


To here: 


Now for a few finishing touches and on to a coordinating pattern 👍 

Kissy Kissy Jazzy Lips Ink Play

Today I am continuing with my #100daysofink project and working on a fun piece using masking fluid accompanied by my furry Design Assistant, Poppy 😂

I painted the black lips and and words before applying masking fluid over the lines. Once dry, I inked inside the motifs and allowed this to dry also. I added a second layer of making fluid over the motifs to protect them before adding a wash of grey ink.

Masking fluid: be sure to put your brush straight in water after use!  

Masking fluid: be sure to put your brush straight in water after use!  


Let's Get Down to Business: 2016 Goals Planner Free Download

There's no better way to start the New Year than with a clear focus for your business and your hopes and dreams, and more importantly PLANS to make these dreams a reality! I'm not a fan of the term New Years Resolutions, there's that unspoken rule that you can let your resolutions slip a few weeks or months into the year and a bit of an "ah well you gave it a shot" attitude. Nope, not for me, not for my business. I have every intention of seeing this thing through and I'm sure you do too! 

Click the image to get your free download 👇

Click the image to enter your email address and receive your free download

Click the image to enter your email address and receive your free download

Time to Dream

I do think the buzz, motivation and excitement of entering a new year is definitely a great opportunity to take stock and get planning for the year ahead. Allowing yourself to both be wildly ambitious and meticulously oranised. Dream big and then work back to find the steps to get you there. 

The first (productive) thing I did today was to complete this 2016 Goals List, noting down a few key things I plan on improving, trying out and learning as well as things I should really try and cut out! I've taken a photo on my iPad so it will always be to hand and I'll also be pinning one up by my desk. 

I'd love to hear what your goals and plans are, perhaps we could help each other stay on track!  I'm in the throes of preparing to exhibit at Surtex 2016 with Dot & Flow Design. I'm super excited to get back out to NYC and showcase my work again. I recommend popping over to Dot & Flow's site for a peek at what's to come and if you're a fellow designer wanting to send your designs to Surtex have a look at the portfolio package.

Let's do this 2016! 

Eating Fear For Breakfast!


Twice this week, I've jumped in and done something that scares me! The first was present to a lecture hall full of university students and the second was last night taking part in a Periscope live broadcasting marathon. 

The thing is, I didn't have to, I could have found an excuse or decided pull out, but hey, where's the fun in that!? 

The Pass The Pencil event ran smoothly enough and it was great to connect with some wonderful creatives both new and familiar. 

"Katch" the Replay

If you would like to grab a cupper and watch the replay it's available on along with my other broadcasts. Periscope is still pretty new to me and I must admit I'm not yet 100% comfortable scoping live, but I'm determined to keep showing up and trying to improve each time until I find my groove. Please feel free to follow me (for a giggle if nothing else) and I'll keep sharing my working process, any tips and tricks I come across on my travels.  

I heard a great quote today: 

"Fear shouldn't paralyze you, it should make you move"

This is now my new motto and I hope to keep pushing myself to do more scopes, teach, learn and continue moving forward in any way I can. 

Rawrr! Jungle Fever Surface Pattern Design


Take a walk on the wild side and a sneak peek at my new collection of graphic jungle surface patterns! Inspired by tropical forests and wild jungle life forms, shapes and animals, I worked with inks, paints and fineliners to create organic shapes and marks for an energetic and free vibe.

After making a happy mess, I scanned and digitized my designs before adding colour and forming various patterns and placement prints. 

Available for license, these patterns have been added to my private portfolio and can be viewed securely in my Art Licensing Show profile. 


Butterfly Flutter Pattern Tweaking

I've been working on a collection of prints for a fabric manufacturer the last few weeks and though I can't share how the designs turned out just yet, I thought I'd let you take a sneak peek a little look at my work in progress. Here I am tweaking a butterfly repeat pattern.

If you'd like to catch more behind the scenes and new design previews, hop on over and follow me on Instagram. 

Until next time :)